15 Aibreán 2008


Is fada uaim do chroí is do ghrá,
Is fada uaim do shúile áille;
Cé gur iontach é an radharc os mo chomhair anois,
B’fhearr liom thú a bheith liom

Is annamh, ach álainn é an grá
Is ní thuigfear é go deo
Ach ní bac é sin ar na mothúcháin seo
Mar ní gá iad a thuiscint.

Tá do ghriangraf agamsa ar mo ghuthán
Is ní féidir ach breathnú air
Ní féidir an gáire seo a bhaineadh de m’aghaidh
Mar is tusa an t-aon chúis dó.

Baile na nGall, Corca Dhuibhne; 16 Márta 2008

6 trácht:

Anonymous said...

Revealing your sole

I ate you

I looked at you,

you lay in the bed and I thought

that you were the ray I ate in the chipper

and I thought that we could become a stew

together us

an irish stew

although youy always said coddle was

nicer than cuddling

I sprayed you with gravy and mustard

and lay upon the edge of of your thrusting throbbing


you were my dessert

a big sloppy trifle

and we ate cream with the angels

who sang Hosana as we gently floated through the netherly heavens

which are Kathmandu

Anonymous said...


i slid my hand up the gutter of your mind, opened the catflap of prosperity and waited..

wafting and wefting the theft of an elephants teeth were no matter no fault

fry me delight me

I am dead

a knockkneed grandmother stood at theend of the landway, with a Shetland sheepdog

Pegeeen Mike arose and spoke to Pluto whilst Jesus took off his clothes and we ate caviar

with envy and lust

tis me Pegeen Mike

wringing out the suds from ,my old thermal vest

twas a worm that got the book and there was a man who became a mouse...tis a tree are we still together

quoi??? qui?

t'es la...mon chou-fleur

the ponderous reality of ther grand national rushed past , a haze of equine amorality

the lord spoke and the sky fell and the angels philosophised together

Get thee to a nunnery

thee to a book

its reality within Georgian interpreters

salut...c'est ca...salut!!!!!

Anonymous said...

An Buinneach buí

is aisling tú

fear gorm gan féasóg gan cara

an bhfuil tú tobar a storehouse

táim abhann

taim sea slán

bean gan fobhríste, gan aon bháirneach uirthi, gan aon mhaide rámha lena stiúradh

sea táim ag bun na farraige móire fararaige cháite

seamhan sponcúil ag sileadh ó do bheola blasta

beirim tú

blasaim tú

tá tú ionam arís

ionga móra caidheacha na maighdine, lán de mhúisc na sráide, sráid na brísdeoige, sráid collaíochta, sráid na n-asal

Is asal thú, marcaím ort mar a dhéanfá le seanphony ar thrá an dóilín

Anonymous said...


to be layed

to long

in you

out of you

out of luck

seaspray me now

Anonymous said...

Hungarian vibrations

leather trousers, require talcum powder, i powder my nose with the salt of your tears

crybaby cry, i cannot soothe you with my teat of knowledge.

cabbages grow in the allotment of my lovers backbone, aloft on a flagpole, his leathery heart flaps softly.

Anonymous said...

thous tested my testicles

thou soothed my breats

thou gave me flagrant love and the lord

laughed and giggled as we lolled naked in the schollhouse sheepsjhearing section

were you a cabbage that day or was i alone

is your heart right or was it the night

we are butchers, cut me, make me into a t-bone steak

we shalll fry on the barby together