26 Iúil 2007

My Straight Moment for the Year!

So at the moment, my bedroom is being completely refurbished, and the parents bought a new bedside locker and wardrobe.

Now, before I go on, lemme point out that these pieces of furniture are of the easy-to-assemble variety!

Anyway, Dad put together most of the wardrobe by himself but soon told me to help with near the end as there was a part to put together that would've been tricky for one person alone to do. He handed me the drill and the screws, and told me where to drill while he held the pieces together.

Now, I'm not exactly as camp as Graham Norton (or at least I hope not), but I'm certainly no macho man! Whereas even though I'm not so stereotypically gay that I'd be screaming the house down each time I brake a nail, I usually avoid any kind of physical work like the plague. I'd consider myself the more intellectual, artistic type of man. True enough, that's quite a gay stereotype in itself, but its not the worst of the worst.

Still, when I was given the drill and started working on the wardrobe, I felt suddenly much more masculine than I had done in a long while! It was amazing; a power tool in my hand, working with wood, doing the normal DIY, it was... great!!! I loved it! So much so, that I told Dad that I'd assemble the bedside locker on my own - which I did! And in record time too, according to Dad!
I really felt great afterwards, like a proper man. Now, usually, I don't like the typical attributes of masculinity; I'm usually more inclined to think that as long as anyone - male or female - is comfortable in themselves then ideals of masculinity or femininity shouldn't matter. But that night changed my mind (about myself only) completely. Fair enough, I'm quite talented with languages, music and the arts in general, but I should be doing more physical stuff, proper excercise, housework etc., to balance the intellectual side of my personality. There's no reason why I should ignore a certain side of my personality just because of my sexuality. Although to be honest, I'm not too sure if my sexuality has anything to do with it, in my case anyhow...
Still, that could lead onto a completely different blog...

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